Raccontiamo evento YOG-ART: edizione Design Week 2023

Let's talk about YOG-ART event: Design Week 2023 edition

Hi Eat-Arters,

Yoga, art and creativity have many things in common. Through yoga and art we use our senses to open up to new ideas, to create, to go back to basics and acknowledge our intuition.

On Saturday 15th April at 4pm at the Zaïa Restaurant in Milan , in the midst of the annual art fair and in the early stages of design week, Lets IT Art held an event in collaboration with Marta Massara's YOG-ART .

The YOG-ART project, curated by the certified vinyasa yoga teacher Marta Massara , is an itinerant project that was born in 2019 and developed in 2021 in the Woolbridge and Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto modern and contemporary art gallery in Biella. YOG-ART has encountered an unprecedented cultural background, creating unique and special occasions in which to practice yoga and deepen the thought of an artist.

LETS IT ART, learning about this project, decided to bring it inside a restaurant as usual, giving voice to a format within a format: where art meets food and yoga. It was a break to connect to art and design under a new point of view: a Vinyasa yoga practice inspired by the terracotta candlesticks displayed and for sale by Sofia Tieppo ( OHHI! LAB ) .

The ceramic studio OHHI! LAB based in Northern Italy is located near the ceramic district of Nove. This project, curated by Opera Illustrations , explores various candle holders in different shapes and colors and fired at low temperatures.

The practice ended with a pictorial 'five o'clock tea' where the chef of the Zaïa Restaurant created his iconic edible painting of sweets, creams and sauces, giving life to a moment of sharing where art becomes food.

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