Alla scoperta di Marrakesh | un racconto di Alice Allasia

Discovering Marrakech

In Marrakech, even the wind has a smell. It is the intense and pungent smell of spices, aromas and sand mixed with that of the sweat, sleep and hopes of the countless lives that turn on and off every day in the inextricable maze of its alleys. The atmosphere is sparkling, full of the fantasies and desires of a city in constant ferment.
The ticking of the iron beaters, the sweet meowing of the kittens, the roar of the mopeds, the stamping of the mules in the streets, the music of the snake charmers' flutes and the cheerful shouting of the merchants come together in an unprecedented symphony, which disperses in the air together with the song of the muezzin.
Walking through the dusty streets steeped in mystery of the medina, everything seems to have stopped and every moment is suspended, eternally dilated in an infinite parenthesis. The delicate ocher color of the walls of the houses is enhanced by the dazzling contrast with the intense blue of the mosaics that embellish the hammams, the green of the luxuriant palm trees and the magenta of the flowering bougainvilleas that embellish even the most hidden corners. Women of arcane and elusive beauty move quickly wrapped in their colored veils, while the elderly sit on the sidewalks in the shade, looking for rest and coolness. Their faces marked by the sun and time are like books on which the story of an entire existence seems to be engraved, woven with the threads of effort and wisdom. The humility that reigns in the air here is synonymous with virtue and profound respect.
Every corner hides marvels ready to open up to the eyes of passers-by, with their stalls overflowing with fruit and dates and shelves filled with baskets of medicinal herbs and ampoules of perfumed oils. In the narrow and cramped shops you can glimpse the works of the craftsmen, whose proud gaze reveals the pride they feel for the products of their hard work. Sellers of colorful carpets, leather producers of all shapes and sizes, cobblers and traders enliven the squares and their incessant movement is a dance that seems to never end. The great mosque is the beating heart of the community and the believers who surround it are its lifeblood. People's everyday life is imbued with spirituality and mysticism, with simple gestures yet rich in meaning and with a high symbolic value. The call to prayer marks the moments of the day which, one after the other, chase each other lively until evening, when the sunset touches the roofs of the city with its rosy fingers. Before the night comes to embrace everything with its mantle of stars, the heart widens in front of the pure joy and sincere curiosity of the children who play with each other and run to embrace strangers as well. In their sparkling eyes you can see the disarming brilliance of the Marrakech sun.


  • Spices : Herboriste La Sagesse (find all kinds of spices and discover their benefits thanks to a presentation where you will test the various products together with tea. The rooftop is also beautiful)
  • Dates : Traiteur Louriki. Mustapha 06 66 05 47 52
  • perfumes: rue Sidi el Yamani
  • Kaftan : traverse des ksour (gold holder, tailor shop inside)
  • The Son of Joseph School 
  • Mamounia Hotel
  • Bahia Palace
  • Majorelle garden
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