"Quando un piatto fa storia": leggiamo la storia gastronomica attraverso i piatti

"When a dish makes history": we read the gastronomic history through the dishes

Dear Eat-Arter,
How many times have we found ourselves in front of an aesthetically impeccable dish but which, at the first bite, turned out to be a disappointment?
You won't find any of that in this book...
A book suitable for you art and food lovers , as well as being full of gastronomic culture and signature recipes to test, it is a very nice coffee table book that shown to your guests will identify you even more as Eat-Arters .
"WHEN A DISH MAKES HISTORY" tells, in the form of artistic illustrations, the dishes that amazed and built the foundations of today's cuisine. Often these are complicated and long-studied preparations, other times intuitions as simple as they are ingenious.
An overview full of surprises: very often we do not know where and why this or that dish in particular was born, it can be the result of an encounter, of love (or of betrayal!), of careful study or of a mistake - so it is said, for example, of the legendary Tarte Tatin.
Enjoy the reading!
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