Let's discover the Prada Foundation | a photographic story by Sofia Carrara

Dear Eat Arter,
Today we tell you, through the voice of the Lets IT Art photographer, about a place intrinsic to the city of Milan: Fondazione Prada.
A special place steeped in memories: the afternoons spent at the Prada Foundation in Milan will always have the flavor of a life as I would like it. My first real steps in the rib of a city where to really breathe you need to know how to create your own space by yourself. When I'm here, the future seems so close to me that it can almost be grasped, if only I could find a way to go beyond the looking glass that divides the "I would like to be" from the "I am".
Here, the Prada Foundation represents a bit of this too: a timeless universe where you can be anything you want, where you can be whoever you want. From the Bar Luce to the Library, passing through the Cinema and arriving at the Tower: getting lost in these spaces means discovering every nuance of one's depths.
Who would have ever thought that a place could contain so many possibilities?
BAR LIGHT - Prada Foundation
THE LIBRARY - Prada Foundation
THE TOWER - Prada Foundation
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