Conosciamo l'artista AVVASSENA | parola di Carola Antonioli, la curatrice

We know the artist AVVASSENA | word of Carola Antonioli, the curator

Dear Eat-Arter,
Let's find out together the artist of the next event to be held on May 23rd.
We are waiting for you :)

Biography - Avvassena (born in 1998) is a multidisciplinary Italian artist and designer. Curiosity and propensity to listen give life to his unstoppable and eclectic creativity, which is expressed in works of art of multiple visual and communicative levels. He holds a three-year degree in Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano and a master's degree in Communication Design. He has exhibited in various European cities and collaborates with international magazines, brands and companies, with the aim of bringing the message of art to everyone. Furthermore, it creates annual installations on social themes (breast cancer, violence against women, use of weapons...) with the collaboration of researchers and non-profit organizations.

Artist Statement - I look at the world around me with the aim of getting to know the hidden realities, left in the shadows because they are inconvenient to see and too annoying for our society to listen to. My works are the tool to dig into things, to shout out what is kept silent, to wake up our society from the torpor of well-being and comfort, which inhibit our desire to go beyond the surface. Object of my artistic research are the infinite opportunities that the light spectrum can offer in relation to different colors and different materials combined with each other. From the interactions with the black-light and - thanks to the phosphorescence - with the dark, the work is transformed and shows its multiple levels of communication. The extraordinary expressive potential offered by light is the main tool through which the textual element appears and reveals the message of the work. An image can be seen in natural light, in the dark you can read what it wants to tell and with black-light you can hear its cry.

What is the curator's personal opinion on the artist and the motivation for which she selected her for the specific event?

I work with Anna and I've known her for a relatively short time, but I've had the opportunity to see her at work several times: in the creation of new works, in the narration of her artistic research and in the relationship with the public. I think she is an excellent artist, both from a training point of view and for her positive, lively and pro-active spirit. It is in constant search of itself and of new thematic insights on which to build a profound research path, but despite this, it always remains faithful to its basic concepts, its ideas and its stylistic genre, which - from time to time - it does nothing but evolve spontaneously and naturally. Anna has a very solid path, despite her young age and I strongly believe that in a few years, she will reach great goals. This is why I started taking her into consideration for my personal and collaborative projects, including her in the "portfolio" of promising new talents.

Lets it Art is an already structured format with solid foundations, but which - event after event - aims to raise the level and I believe that Anna is a great start for a path that seeks to give Art and Artists a space not indifferent.

Later, I was shown the photographs of the dishes chosen and selected specifically for the evening. Focusing on the shapes of some of them, I could only think of the pictorial compositions of AVVASSENA, so sinuous and soft, sweet and graceful. They had a really remarkable commonality and pretty obvious common denominators. The chef found himself a lot in the association and after that, everything was built in collaboration between the two creative minds: an exchange of artistic reflections that bounced between the culinary and the pictorial expression.

Why invest in young talent?

  • The works of the first research period, by an established artist, are always the most difficult to find. By investing in them, you can appropriate not only a unique and precious piece, but also a particularly rare piece of its journey
  • At the beginning of an artist's career, his coefficient (i.e. that numerical value that determines the price of the work) is always low and, as the artist is included in exhibitions (personal / collective), he sells works and/or participates in institutional projects and does not grow faster or slower
  • Investing in an emerging young person gives you the opportunity to follow his career and his professional growth. Artists are always grateful to the first people who believed in them, with whom they very often stay in touch for some time
  • Emerging young people are building their careers on research and the development of artistic technique. Being an Artist with a capital A means dedicating your life to these elements, otherwise you will buy works by hobbyists
  • Emerging young people have a new sensibility, a particularly advanced aesthetic taste
  • Give hope and the desire to get involved, even more so in a historical period, during which young people find it hard to have it
  • There is no comparison between betting on a momentarily unknown artist, or on one already known to all
  • As soon as you get interested in the subject, you discover a lot of incredible talents, who have nothing to envy to listed and super expensive artists. Also because, probably one day, those artists will be them
  • The prices of the works of artists with a small a, or the hobbyists of the case, cost the same if not more than the talented ones, with valid training behind them and who dedicate 100% of their time to this work

For all these reasons, investing in the first phase of the journey of a real artist is not only linked to taste, but also to common sense.

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